by Matt Christensen

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Released on tape and cdr via...

"Don’t read too much into the Hallowe’en release date for this solo offering from Matt Christensen, who is more usually found lending his voice to Chicago genre-straddling guitar-based act Zelienople. There are no guitars to be found here, or vocals, and despite the album title’s connotations of the predatory, the sinister and the dangerous, this is no haunting horrorshow or ultra-dark ambient work coughed up from the bowels of the earth, although the five tracks on Prowl are certainly strong on atmospherics."

"I’ve gone on record more than once about my love of Zelienople and Natural Snow Buildings– Matt Christensen is the vocalist and main songwriter of the former unit, Chicago legends for their richly emotive music that borrows elements from drone, folk, post-rock, and slowcore. While his debut solo release proper from 2011 A Cradle in the Bowery and its 2014 follow-up Coma Gears were truly gorgeous stuff, what’s been really interesting about this fellow’s trajectory is how much music he has self-released to Bandcamp since 2014. Some of this freely-shared material is autumnal drone in the vein of Andrew Chalk or Vikki and David Jackman, while some of it compiles songwriting odds and ends…the point is that Christensen takes full advantage of the possibilities for proliferating art through the internet as few other established artists do. You could also say that he shows a great deal of generosity in sharing what strikes him in the moment– some of these releases were apparently uploaded to Bandcamp minutes after having been finished. Prowl, one of his self-releases from June is in fact due to find a home at the non-profit Finnish/English imprint TVEI for a tape/CD-R release at the end of October. And since Prowl, a six-song collection of ambient electronic soundscapes, is awesome stuff, we should dive right in, pronto…"


released June 9, 2016



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Matt Christensen

Matt Christensen is a Chicago-based musician who has played in the band Zelienople for close to 20 years. His primary instruments are voice and guitar. He has recorded and performed with Good Stuff House, John Twells, Mind Over Mirrors, CRG, and as a solo artist. Matt has released solo records on Miasmah Records, Bathetic Records, Under The Spire Records, and independently through Bandcamp. ... more

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